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Can you space(use little washers) rotors??

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Okay well i put my new juicy 5s on last night(love them, they stop great and dont make any noise)

So i put them on yesterday and heard a little scrapping sound figure everything was new just had to brake pads in ect, but then when i took it out for a ride today and noticed it was still doing it and looked at it more, i found out it was rubbing on my spokes :eekster:

I can move the caliper enough out of the way with the adjustments but if i move it to much the rotor starts to scrap/rub.

So i was wondering if i could put like 1-2 little spacers space it like 1/16-1/8 nothing huge just enough to give me enough space not to rub on my spokes.
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kewl that will work perfect. What size is each shim??
Those shims are nice but a lot more expensive than just buying a few washers at the local hardware store (which I've done to space rotors out a bit from the hub).
That was my orginal plan, i prob have the washer at home so free :), just did not know if it need the extra support from the contact patch or not but if you done it guess i should be okay.
The benefit of the complete shim is that they should be a uniform thickness. Using good quality washers of the same thickness should be OK, buy given the choice, and considering how much strife caliper/rotor misalignment can create, I think I'd always go for the complete shim if possible - it's not as though they're particularly expensive*..

*edit. the Hope spacers are £3 each.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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