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Can you refit a Fox RP2 rebound dial without a full strip down?

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Looking for knowledge of Fox's RP2 shock.

Is it possible to refit the rebound dial to the RP2 shock without having to discharge
the IFP nitrogen pressure? At the moment the rebound cam followers/control
rods prevent reassembly.

The rebound adjuster on my one month old RP2 unit had seized solid. I tried to free
the sprung 'clicker' ball bearing (accessed by removing a small grub screw) to no avail.
I resorted to removing the red rebound knob completely which resolved the seized
problem but left we with another Christmas day headache.

I'm guessing the only way forward is a complete strip down. In which case I might
as well get the unit Pushed which would mean no bike until the new year.

So any advice would be greatly received.
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I would send it off to get repaired. Perhaps even Fox will fix it under warranty if the knob seized. Sorry to say, but at this point, it looks as if you're in over your head. There was a preexisting problem to begin with, better left for someone qualified to open and figure out.
I completely accept you are right Jerk_Chicken but I'm now without my bike and it's
the holidays. As it looks as the though the shock will have to be sent away in the new
year anyway, I'm tempted to give stripping it a go. I have access to a workshop and
high pressure N2.
See, the problem with you going forward due to impatience is that should you move forward, what can potentially be a free and proper repair can become a costly non-warranty issue and cause a bunch of other headaches. You might find the problem, or you may not. IMO, having torn down dampers before, this is something I'd let Fox work on, especially within warranty.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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