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Can you identify the exact model and year of this Giant MTB?

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Just purchased this for $1000 NZD (about 700 USD). I'm pretty sure it's an Anthem but have no idea what exact model and year as there's no lables anywhere apart from a sticker on the bottom bracket with a code. It's a 26er, with some very high spec components for the time. Full XTR group, Alloy frame, Rock Shox Sid World Cups, Fox RP3 rear shock.

I'd like to find out more about it if anyone can help.


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Have a look through Bluebook. I got back about as far as 2010/11. We might have got a slightly different spec in NZ. You might be able to find a fork year stamp or serial number which will be within a year or two.

Edit Bikepedia is another good one. The only thing that's tricky is that Giant made a lot of Anthems in different specs.
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If I remember correctly in 06/07 they had a horizontal shock. So it is 08 and later. As it is a high end build in aluminum I think it would be a 08 or 09 at the latest.
They had some team builds back then and I cannot remember if they were in carbon.
I think the fork may have been replaced as i think they liked Fox/Fox at this time., Maybe someone else's memory is better?
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08 & 09 had the straight steerer tube. Looks to be closer to 2011 plus or minus a year.

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may want to check out they have many older bicycle catalogs online, many giant catalogs on their website, including ones for different countries.
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