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Can someone help me on Cateyes?

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I am new to this forum and to mountain biking. I am picking up a '09 Specialized RockHopper Comp Disc next week sometime.

I am also interested in picking up a computer. I am torn between these 2, the Cateye V3 and the Cateye Strada Double wireless. I like the bigger read out on the Strada, but I like the backlight feature on the V3. I do not plan on doing many night rides, but you never know.

I am leaning towards the Double wireless. Any thoughts?

How well will the wireless hold up to the MTB elements?

I also forgot to ask if using a GPS on your handle bars too clumsy? I have a Garmin 60CSx. I have a handle mount coming, but it is fairly big.


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I have a Cateye V2 on a road bike and a regular Strada wireless on my commuter/Winter road bike. I rarely use the backlight and I ride at night. The screen size is a little smaller but easy to see. It uses batteries faster then the Strada wireless but mine isn’t a double. The V2 also has 14 ride memory and 2.4GHZ digital. The Strada is a lot simpler of a computer. The one thing that would worry me about the V3 on a MTB is how far in you would have to angle the sensor over to the wheel magnet. On the Strada double the speed sensor will be sticking almost straight out. I did run the V2 on my cross bike for awhile and did ride it on the trails. But the wheel is a lot closer to the chain stay. I run an Enduro 8 and an old Mity 3 on my MTB’s. I would probable just use the Strada wireless if I had to get a new MTB one. I also use a Garmin 305 while riding any of my bikes that don’t have a computer. It isn’t as accurate but close enough for me.

I have seen those GPS mounted to the stem or the handle bar.

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Thanks for the reply. I think I will buy the Strada Double Wireless. I think the V3 has too many features. Thanks for the comments.

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