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In the past I always ran a Conti XC Pro tire that was less than 2". Finding a good 26x2" tire is like finding hen's teeth nowadays. Going up to a 2.2+ would greatly expand my tire selection. The issue is my rear tire. With the HS22's old finger style mounting system I don't have much clearance for this 1.95" tire on my rear let alone a 2.2"+. I've run a 2.2 in the past and the rim has to stay 100% perfectly true or I get pretty significant tire rub on the brake mount finger.

Does anyone know if the newer EVO 2 mount will work with the older splinned finger style HS22's?.

Edit to say I flipped the Magural mounts upside down to get tires clearance and added a standard brake booster I had laying around. I didn't like running them this way because of the leverage of the brakes really flexed the frame this way but adding the booster knocked down the flex enough I'm OK with it.
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