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Can my Surly Singulator be used minus the spring?

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Let me clarify...Someone told me you can somehow use the singulator locked down or just bolted to the der. hanger not using the spring. True? Can someone tell me how to do this, or point me in the right direction with links, etc.? I can't find them. Thanks.
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If you use it pushing up towards the chain stays and with a zip tie or two, it will work.
I'd second the zip tie idea. It works great, in facat better than under tension either up or down.
If I was running one Id still use it pulling up towards the chainstay.
Now, to answer your question, no it does not work w/o a spring. Well, not unless they have recently changed something.
The spring on my Surly tensioner broke many miles from home. I "zipped" it up (that's the way the tensioner was set) with a tie and it worked flawlessly. I replaced the spring at home, but don't see why the "zipped" system wouldn't work. Possible slight drawbacks with chain wrap and wear.
Thanks for the replies. I do have a fairly beefy zip tie now, as well as using the spring. Problem I am having with it zipped is that I keep popping the zip ties when climbing. Guess I need to go to home depot and get some really big and strong zip ties. The ones I keep using aren't lightweights btw, but there are larger ones. Guess I will try this route. Thanks.
oh yeah, I'm running it in the push up mode.
I used mine for a while w/those tough-ass rubber bands that come on hunks of broccoli .
Holds tight & gives a little, unlike a ziptie.
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