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Can my shock be rebuilt?

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Just picked up a 94' Specialized Rockhopper Comp FS for 5 bucks at a yard sale.....great shape except for the shock has no re-bound. It's called a "Future Shock Sport"...anyone fix these or have parts to fix it? This bike will be for my old lady. Trying to stay under a 65 dollar budget. To tell you the truth though....this bike was a absolute rip off for 700 bucks in 1994. Cro-Mo frame, STX derailleurs and Grip Shift 400. Nothing special about the hubs either. Must be the shock??!!
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If that were the budget I was working with, I'd go to the LBS and rummage through their cast off rigid forks, get rid of the suspension, and buy a pack of beer (or two).
Post a pic of the fork and thr its top caps. I'll tell you if i can fix it.
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