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Yes, that's fonetic
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ebxtreme said:
I'd be a lot more stoked, if this stepdown-gap was finished. Looks roughly like it was 9 months ago. Come on, whodaphuck......get that line dialed yo! ;) Seriously, you guys need more peeps digging!

Oooh, and happy new year!

It's had some work, there's actually dirt on the landing now and there's LOTS more logs now.....but yeah it's been ignored like a red headed stepchild. Kenny spent weeks on the Hairdresser getting it just so....I tried to get him stoked on working on this gap but so far it's been a solo endeavor. Airwreck's been working on the couple of hits before this one, so it's going to get longer fast (one of these days,,,:rolleyes: ) The work has been shifting all over the forest with maintainence and such.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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