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This should be an easy question.

Building up an ebay carbon ht as a singlespeed, and trying to use as much as I have laying around and can get cheap. But I've never built a bike up before so I'm learning. I know I need a 68mm english threaded bottom bracket. I have one of these sitting around: At least it looks identical. I know it weighs more since it's for DH, but I don't particularly care, if it will work.

The clear plastic part on the bottom bracket says 83, and from what I gather the bottom bracket is too wide and won't work. Or is there a way to make it work? If not, can I just get a new bottom bracket and use the cranks? What am I looking for as far as making sure the part on the bottom bracket that locks into the crank is the right size/shape? "TruVativ Howitzer" from the specs on that website, is that what I'm looking for?

Or any cheap SS crank options that anyone knows of would be great too. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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