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Can I use regular mineral oil in my magura Martas?

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I'm in a pinch. I need to bleed my front brake so I can do a big ride tomorrow. AND I'm out of magura brand blue blood. Can I substitute regular mineral oil from the drug store? Will it work? what are the consequences?
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OK I did a search and I'm thinking it's not the best idea but it may work. How about using Shimano oil in my Magura brakes? I think my lBS has the Shimano brand oil but they are out of Magura blue blood. OR should I try the local autoparts store for hydralic oil?

Need help fast as I'm leaving for a big camping / riding weekend and my front brake is KO'd
Any kind of mineral oil will do if you're stuck yes... I like Johnson's Baby Oil. Used to use it all the time with Magura hydraulic rim brakes. The biggest difference between your drugstore variety mineral oil and the stuff from a bike brand, is the price/volume and colour differences (they don't add dye's to the drugstore stuff), and the weight of the oil (its usually higher than brake specific varieties, which can make the brake return as the pads retract a bit slower but that's about it. The various oils intended for the skin, like the aforementioned baby stuff are very light though and I never noticed a difference between it and the official magura stuff in terms of brake performance.
Oh and there are several automotive mineral oils you can get for other hydraulic systems (like automatic trannies) that are pretty light weight once they get some temperature in them you could look for.
I've called all the shops in the area. Nobody has magura oil. Looks like I will try the drug store mineral oil. I've got my fingers crossed. Wish me luck
Flush it out as soon as you get your hands on Magura Blood. Even Shimano mineral oil is better than the pharmacy stuff.
Even though it is not what Magura reccomends, I would use Shimano Mineral oil long before I used drug store mineral oil, but again it is not what Magure reccomends.

Better yet if you have a spare bike that could temporarily donate a brake for the trip that would be better, or borrow a brake from a friend.
good info on this site: get the pentosin. it is working great on my shimanos.
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