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Can I use 1.2 mm Dura-Ace inner with x.9 trigger shifters?

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I have searched and searched through this and other forums and cannot get an answer to this question. I guess there are really 2 questions:
1. Will 1.2 mm inner cable work well with SRAM x.9 trigger shifters (they seem to be designed for 1.1 mm cable since that is what SRAM uses)?
2. Can I use Dura-Ace inners considering these are road cables? Are the ends the same for mtb and road cables?

I plan on using sp41 housing and although there is no consensus, I think I will avoid teflon.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am getting tired of trying to figure this out.

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Road and MTB cable ends are the same (except some older Campy and 3speed stuff) for shifters, and 1.2mm DA cable will work just fine, so will DA housing.
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