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"All of the above is many decades old now and not news, but it surely means that the GRIP2 damper, with its spring-backed IFP, is a closed system, right? Correct, but also not all the way correct. While the damping system is sealed, there's small but very important port (a VIP, of course) at the top of the cartridge that lets it burp. I'll explain soon...A small, teardrop-shaped bleed passage on the spring-side of the IFP allows excess oil to actually back-fill a bit behind the IFP as it passes over what is essentially just a small dimple in the shaft. That oil is then expelled through a port at the top of the cartridge to flow back down the inside of the fork leg for lubrication duties. ''It's kinda like its self-healing all the time,'' was how Lindsley described it. ''This isn't' anything revolutionary; it's been around forever,'' he also stressed. ''If we took a moto fork apart off an old CRF it'd have something similar to this. It'd be a lot more robust because it's for moto, of course."

Short answer, No. Not on the cartridge side as the Grip 2 damper will ingest and expel some oil during operation, the lower lube on the damper side should be the same as the damping oil.

For the air spring/spring side? I don't see why not.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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