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Can I get some cooper's rock info?

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Hi all,

I'm taking my wife camping and riding this weekend for our 1-year anniversary. I orignally was set on Douthat St. park, but after going there myself I realized the climbs are too long for her(we're on SS bikes).

Does Cooper's Rock offer any smoother trails with awesome scenery like douthat? I've been to Cooper's several times for rockclimbing, but am clueless to the trails there. The trails she likes are Rosaryville, Schaeffer Farms, and Wakefield.

Seems like a good option, since I already know how to get there, and it's only 3.5 hours from the D.C. area.

Thanks in advance, -Chris.
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Been a while since I rode Coopers but it is sweet, more like the water shed. Plus right up the highway is Big Bear, tons of trails and camp right there too.
If you mean the Frederick Watershed, then I'm definitely not going with her:nono:

I might possibly be searching for trails that don't exist in this area. I was hoping to find an area that had smoother trails, but in a nice state park or something. We have been to almost all the trails in the D.C. area, but since we're trying to make a weekend out of it, we wanna see some new trails.

I was set on Douthat State Park for a while, but it seems like all the trails there are the same in regards to steepness and length of climbs. I'm afraid if we go there we'll end up walking alot of the climbs.
I have ridden at Cooper's a few times. For what you are looking for I would look at Big Bear. Coopers has fast downhills with alot of small loose rock. The up hills are on the longer side. I remember the loop I did to be about 5-6 miles long.
Not too far from Coops in western MD is Herrington Manor near Swallow Falls state park. Close by to Deep Creek Md. Probably more what you are looking for.
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