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The coil side of my Lyrik started to leak, and after changing the crush washer a couple of times realized that wasn't the problem.
I tried jb weld after proper prep after that didn't work tried regular epoxy with no luck. It still leaks. If it wasn't my brake side I might not care. The crack is the dark line
Don't have the cash for a new fork right now

- Any other way to fix the crack
- A small amount of oil is in this leg 20ml just to lubricate. Can I just pack it with judy butter (grease) I'm guessing without proper lubrication the parts will start to wear.

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I had a buddy that was a test engineer for Rock Shox back in the 90's...........he was doing some testing in Santa Cruz and had a fork failure. He fractured his face. It was ugly. I wouldn't even think about fixing that fork.
While I agree that I would not dare bother to ride the fork either, I highly doubt his testing is in any way related to the OP's failure.

I would not chance riding a bike with a structural failure in any part of my front end. Simply a recipe for disaster. It's one thing to have a shock linkage give way during a hit, or a seat post bolt, but it's entirely different thing to have a wheel or a fork collapse upon impact.
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