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p nut said:
There's gotta be some rule where it says you can't start a thread everytime a thought pops into your head.
Newb Rule:
A. Posting a Q&A thread is acceptable, and only acceptable, after having used the search function and failing to find satisfactory answers and existing threads pertaining to the topic of the question.
B. A Q&A thread is always open to hijacking/derailment in the case of a new question or problem brought up. Posters in the thread need not the OP's permission to ask a new question pertaining to the topic, as denial of permission would result in the poster's failure to follow condition A.
C. Failure to meet and follow either or both conditions A and B as stated above may result in, but not limited to, heckling from established forum members, the expulsion of excrement from established members and into the thread, and/or the immediate closure of involved thread.

Now there's a rule! :thumbsup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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