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downhilling at whiteface mnt. will begin this season on saturday june 25th.

i have permisssion to build a skills park and stunts in the woods.

i should have the available funds in the next week.
and now i need volunteers with stunt building skills,ideas, and the time and energy to help me with getting the trails and skills area ready for opening day.

i already have people coming up on the weekend of may 14th and 15th.

even though we have around 8+ weeks left i'd like to get a start early and try to get as much done as possible that weekend.
since everything has to be done on a volunteer basis we really have a chance to do some very cool and creative stuff. so all your ideas are welcome and hopefully you have a favorite stunt that your familiar with building, and would like to see it at whiteface.

please pm me or post on this site if you can help

thanks again
downhill mike
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