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Can anyone tell me the size of this Dakar shock???

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Ok Jamis experts, here's an easy one. Can you tell me what the size of the shock is in the pic? I think its from an 03 Dakar Sport. Its from a female friends bike and she lives in another state so I can't get an accurate measurement and I can't find the info anywhere else. I just need the eye-to-eye and the stroke. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. The coil is lame and so I want to get her a nice air shock like an RP3 or something. Thanks in advance.


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Can't do it

Can't measure the shock via a picture. Tell her to take a ruler and measure from eye to eye, let all the slack out of the shock. (Take off the spring) and compress it 100%. Measure again from eye-eye and subtract that number from the orig. eye-eye measurement. This will give you the travel.
You will then have eye-eye and travel lengths.
This is the only way to measure the shock and get an accurate number. It would be even better to have a instrument that measures in mm, but you can get the US measure and them plug it in to an online conversion chart to get the mm.
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