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Am i crazy to fall in love with a bike that i had three bad bails on while test riding? One of them was quite bad resulting in 6 hours at A+E. I took out an orange patriot 66 out on test for a few days, wanted to see if it was good as an all round bike. Rode everything on it.
Day 1 Some local drops, steeps, bombholes and stuff which was the first ride out on it. In the dark too, had a light n motion arc so was alright.
Day 2 A big trail loop about 20 km with a long climb some good techy boardwalks and steep berms too. mostly tight single track. Whites level Afan Argoed, South Wales.
Day 3 The big one, Cwmcarn downhill South Wales. Hadnt done much DH before but loved the bike and the course. (longest travel bike ive ridden DH on) I`m convinced it must of been the type of course that makes you want to go faster, or was it the bike? Amazing steep tight switchbacks at the top, opening out into more fast and flowy off the brakes style all out riding at the bottom, long fast berms, step downs, jumps for all the family. Was lovin it.

Ok so i want to know have u bought a bike wrecked yourself on while testriding? I think the patriot was amazing, it felt good for XC and DH. I tested an 18", and i`m 5`8" i was recommended to get the 16". Part of the reoson i injured myself was probably because i was`nt wearing any armour, thats my next bike purchase.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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