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camping options for squamish -> whistler area

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I am looking to get some info on camping options for the squamish area. I am planning on being there for 3 weeks in July and am trying to find a good location to camp for the duration.

My preference is good free (primitive is fine) camping close to squamish. I am planning in riding squamish area and doing regular day trips up to Whistler for whistler valley rides. On afternoons and on "rest" days I am planning on bouldering at squamish.

If there is not any good free camping options, what is the next best thing in terms of pay for camping? The climber camp under the Grand Wall of the Chief?

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there is a campground just north of squamish...rainbow valley campround or something. I noticed some sites near the brennan community centre.
Up in whistler we have hostels and there is also the Riverside campground with tent sites
You should call VPO in Squamish if you want to know about free sites. There's lots

Cheapass camping

Alice Lake
Cat Lake
Climbers Campground

Free camping

CalCheak - halfway to Whistler
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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