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Campagnolo Euclid equipped bike, Denti?

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We picked this bike up awhile ago and rally don't know much about it. The decals say Denti but it appears as if there were some decals that had on the frame previously. The frame has some large "fins" at the tube intersection and really tall chain stays. The component groups is the way-overbuilt Campagnolo Euclid stuff. This was Campy's first attempt at a mountain bike group and it almost looks more suitable to a motorcycle.

Anybody have any guess as to who might have made this frame?

Specs can be found at
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I kinda like that look. Add some drop bars and a whole new bike.
Wish I had info, but I don't. I do have to ask, what's the gig with that stem though? :eek:

Looks like some plastic band went there I seem to recall some TTT road stems that had that, but this cut looks clear through to the bar, yikes!
The stem has two pieces that connect the stem halves together. That combined with the steeply stepped bars makes for an odd bar/stem combo, both from 3ttt
For some reason, I'm now in the mood for vanilla ice cream and sprinkles.;)
Denti can probably confirm.
GonaSovereign said:
I had tried them and got no response.
The web site seemed to be entirely in Italian and my email was in English, might have been the problem?
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