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Hello all,

The Land Manager for Camp Mack recently contacted me and told me that he has been getting reports of quite a few riders riding during daylight while the Camp is to be closed for hunting. PLEASE pay attention to when the Camp is closed (attached), and let the hunters enjoy their hobby as well. The more riders that ride the Camp during closed time frames, the less it fosters the strong relationship we have worked so hard to develop.

Camp Mack is CLOSED every day except Sunday from now until November 14th. They don’t mind if we ride there at night (i.e. AFTER dark) Monday through Saturday, but NO daylight riding.

The Camp will also be closed (with the exceptions of Sundays and night) from November 30-December 12, and from December 26-January 9.

Thank you for paying attention to and respecting these closures.


View attachment 2015-2016-Mack-Closure-Dates.pdf
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