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Camp 6/14 8, or 9am - open invite

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Going to ride a couple loops at the camp tomorrow morning. My friend and I will be riding hard on a first loop at 8am, and we expect some slightly softer riders to join us for a second loop at 9. Feel free to come out and join us. I'll be around the red VW pictured in my avatar. Otherwise, just look for the dirty indian on the hard ridden HKEK :thumbsup:
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I would say I'm down if it wasn't on a sunday, or 3 hours north of me, or if my bike wasn't in the shop for another bb.

Plus, I probably couldn't keep up! Hah, have fun
How long does that 2nd loop usually take? Sadly, I have yet to break the 1hr mark on the full green loop.
2nd loop for me is usually closer to an hour. First loop is about 50min. I really beat myself up on Sunday. Took a gentle Baird ride this morning after a day of rest. Training up for a few days in Marquette.
It'll be interesting to see what I can do once I'm back to eating carbs... I'm trying out carb cycling to drop some dead weight and up my endurance. Definitely noticing I'm slower, so we shall see what happens.
Wheeee~! Set a new personal record yesterday. According to my car clock I was out and back in 43 minutes :D

Took a stroll out there today to just chill and keep my legs moving before riding up north for a few days, and the trail is looking good. Getting a little of that summer sandy (not shandy) though.
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