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So I'm looking at picking up a used 2011/2012 Camber Pro 26". I can't justify the price of a new bike right now and there's some very good deals on very lightly used stuff out there. But, I'm stuck on sizing...

I'm right at 5'10" in height with a 32" inseam and a muscular 190lbs. (if that matters). I come from a BMX background which then translated to me riding DH/FR, I then I picked up a XC bike to hit local trails here on Long Island as that's obviously more accessible. I still ride DH/FR whenever possible (Medium Intense Socom, Fox 40, wide bars, etc.), but get to ride here on LI much more often. My current XC bike is a Medium Cannondale F1000, which tends to feel a bit twitchy at times. I'm not sure if it's a sizing or geometry issue, I usually get comments about how far out my seatpost is. I love the bike but I think it's time to move to a slacker/more fun bike, hence me looking to pick up a Camber.

My riding style is alot more fun, I like to throw the bike around and love technical sections, downhills, etc. Ofcourse I'd still like to be able to climb comfortably, but I'm not a XC racer style by any means.

From what I'm seeing it seems like these newer frames are running longer top tubes and shorter stems, making fitment a bit different. So, any recommendations on sizing?
I'd have no problem swapping out to a short stem on the large (and a wider bar) if that would actually work out 'correctly'.

Here is the geometry of my current Medium Cannondale

Here is the geometry of the 2011/2012 26" Camber
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