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Cam reviews and video clips - ContourHD and TachyonXC

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I just posted some new reviews on the ContourHD and the TachyonXC.

Both cams are newer and both much improved from their previous versions. If you want non-sugar coated reviews check it out: I do not sell cams, only test and review them - my only interest is to get you the proper info.

I've posted test clips as well seatpost, frame and helmet mounted.

Technology is getting right where we need it real fast! :thumbsup:

CoutourHD (in SD mode, not even hidef!):
TachyonXC in MOAB:
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bro that contourHD video made my palms sweat.
you gotta give a heads up to those of us with fear of heights. :D
Thanks for the site... I've just ordered the ContourHD, I was looking at that and also the Hero, but decided on the Contour... I'll look into the reviews...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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