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This the trail near / off SR80 near Ft Myers, correct.

Wife and I are trying to decide a one day road trip.

Years ago, I was told this place can get real wet during certain times of the year.

What's it like now, and is it worth a couple hour drive.

Any opinions if you think it's tandem ridable.

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its not worth a couple hour drive even when its dry. I was there 2 saturdays ago and it was nasty, no fun at all. I would've been better off with a swamp buggy.
a swamp buggy is a little of an overstatement, but yes a few weeks ago it was pretty nasty and i didn't feel it was worth my 1 hour drive.
It's not worth driving that distance for it. I was there last week and it was quite wet, but with the right tires and the right rider, it's fun.
I rode it as part of an Xterra. It was moderately fun, but nowhere near as good as Alafai or Santos. Some of it was tandem rideable, but there were sections that were short and steep and would present problems for a tandem. It is
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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