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The last 2 weekends I have taken my kids out to Raging River for some riding. The first weekend we did lower poppin' tops and the flow trails to the bottom. I suffered through my complainy son with the climb then suffered through his insane stoke after the descending. My daughter loved both the ups and downs, though she said she was scared on the descent, not that her speed or competence showed any fear.

The second weekend I also got my wife out on our anniversary with us and we all rode the same loop but my son wanted to try the upper poppin tops. We ventured up there as it started to rain in earnest and only got thrown by the big drop away switchback being green on the trail and all. Grabbing his bike and pulling it back up he tried and again and rolled it cleanly and we ventured down. We picked up my wife and daughter at the lower poppin top junction and rolled the rest of the lower trail. At the junction we realized my wife, the contact lens wearer had left her sunglasses on the trail and we rode back up for another loop of lower poppin. You may have seen me yelling at my son, who is fairly insufferable when it comes to being lazy with climbing and believes that at 10 years old he should be able to do whatever he wants without parental supervision. Anyway I apologize if you got to see and/or hear our argument. The end result is that we made it up for one more loop of lower poppin tops, we ripped it all the way to the bottom, the kids got air and raged the trail on their little 20" bikes. The progression of their abilities and confidence between the 2 weekends was noticeable. I can't wait to see how they fair this weekend.

So thank you Evergreen and all the trail builders for creating a trail that kids on 20" mountain bikes can learn to rip and jump, and a great gathering place for so many types of mountain bikers!
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