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Calling Marzocchi Tech Dept.

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I recently purchased a 08 TST2, after a couple of rides i noticed some play in the front end. At first i thought maybe it was the hub, so i swapped wheels with my other bike and it did the same thing. I am thinking it is the axle that is the problem. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
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Could be fork bushing play. I felt some on my new XC600 last year....called Marz and they said it is normal at full extension, but when weight is on the bike and the fork is properly sagged it should disappear.

I am sure it has to do with the axle and the ratcheting mechansim. Has any one else had this problem?
Remove the QR20 axle and grease the o-ring which you'll find on the lever end (check this thread). Refit and tighten the axle until it clicks. As long as the o-ring is kept 'wet' you shouldn't have any problem with it working loose. Check regularly, though.
on my xc600 that I just got the cart serviced on the rebound is stuck. It is stuck so much that it striped the inside of the plastic knob. If you look at the cart on this fork you will see a little 5/32 bolt like thing at the bottom of the cart. This is were the rebound knob connects and it should turn to increase and decrease the rebound. Mine is stuck. Stuck so much that I took the plastic knob off and try to turn it with a 5/32 socket. That didn't work it just stripped the bolt end.:(. This really is not good considering it worked before I sent it to Marzocchi to get the cart fixed. Does anyone know what would cause this to stick like that?

I sould say that the shock works fine except it is on the slowest rebound and that is not ideal for the area that I ride.


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Thanks SteveUK I will try that.
Im pretty sure that it is bushing play, 08 marzocchi forks were notorious for having large amounts of bushing play
Here is a what the TST2 looks like when it is taken apart.


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Greasing the O-ring seems to have solved the problem. Thanks again SteveUK:thumbsup:
Cheap fixes are always appreciated!! Glad you're sorted.
Experiencing the same issue with my 55 feels like play between the axle and hub. I have also tried it with more than one wheel and had the same play. Tried the grease thing on the O-ring seemed to have work for the moment. I really hope this works, guess I will find out once all this rain stops.
Sure would be nice if Marzocchi would respond!!!
did you turn the quick release as far as it would go until it makes a ratcheting noise like a gas cap?
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