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Calling All Western, MA Bikers-The Iceman Cameth!

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Well, the reports are pouring in-just about every higher altitude riding area west of the Connecticut River has seen maximum damage from the now historic Ice storm.

We're starting to put together work crews-this is a general call to arms-please fel encuraged to get out on your own-saws in hand to clear off trails whenever you can.

I ask that if anyone hits a trail to post up here so we we don't waste time hitting the same trail

Or, if you're aware of specific 'chainsaw' neccessary obstacles on specific trails (and don't have your own saw)-post them up here and we'll try to get on them.

This is really something-all western, ma riders should kick in some time and effort towards over the next two-weeks.

If you want to put together your own crew-post it up here!


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We will be cleaning October Mtn this Sunday and many to come

Mr. Green and I hit Wendell today-cleaned off old xc trail, Carlron Dirth, the Hiatus, Wickett Pond escape, Ruggles/ Two Brothers and the Pond trail.

There is a group getting together for Saturday if anyone is interested
Wendell is OPen for Business! Major shout out to NEMBA BOD President Mr. Harold Green, who logged some serious hours and chainsaw lugging miles getting all of the the trails cleared of ice-storm debris. Above and beyond the call of duty, I think they say

Seriously, everything but the Hannah and the Hollow (which don't get post snow use) is cleared some grab you bikes, snowshoes, skis, dogsled, and get theee up to Wendell!

Good Job Harold,

Thanks from all us westerners . Harry
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