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Calling all Superlight experts

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Howdy, I'm usually a roadie who just recently dusted off my 1999 stumpjumper hardtail and remembered how fun MTBin is. A friend offered to give me his 01 superlight frame to start a build. My question is: Are those first generation FS bikes much of an upgrade over a hardtail? Should I just waive the generous offer and save up for a newer frame. I think the superlight would be perfect for the type of riding I enjoy, but I have a few concerns about such an old frame. How much has SC updated the frame over the years? I know 07 was a big change. Would an 01 be junk compared to the newer stuff or would it be a nice ride compared to my old hardtail? Thanks.
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The frames changed geometry to work with longer travel forks, They still have 4 inches in the rear. You can upgrade the rear shock with something with platform. The shocks have changed more than that single pivot frame. I believe these frames started the suspension revolution. It is way better than a HT on rough trails.
Awsome, that's what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the reply.
im still riding my 01 SL. great bike. itd be ncie to be able to put a 120mm fork on it, but I do just fine with my Fox F100. I say go for it. especially if its free! if you dont want it, I'll take it!
If it's free take it. Ride and if you enjoy mtb upgrade later.
I'm no expert but, have owned 2 of the first gen. Superlights and IMO they're way better than any hardtail. Build it up you'll love it!
A friend offered to give me his 01 superlight frame[/QUOTE said:
never drop a friend's offer :)
just use a 'float rp23' shox, if you can afford, in order to enjoy the
benefits new full suspension tech on a good old school frame!
you'll rediscover the fun of riding again :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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