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As the New Year approaches we are dedicated to 2010 to get NOMAMBO on track with worthwhile club events and to support the trail as well as continue to aid Dan Dickerson in his recovery.

The single most important thing each of us can do to bring in the New Year is support the cause we all have come to love, NOMAMBO!!! For a measly Andrew Jackson ($20) proves your participation and ownership into keeping the club alive and well.

We are looking to sponsor a large membership drive asking you to dig into your pockets for your yearly dues as well as search outside the ranks and find another (new or old face) to draw up more interest in our passion. To date we have two (2) PAID members and we are looking for everyone (no grandfathered memberships as in the past) to step up to the plate and officially join.

Please download the application and fill out and mail to address or hand carry to one of the board members. All checks payable to NOMAMBO.

Thanks for the support! Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

Friends of NOMAMBO
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