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This is the Pro II SS/Trials version, not the geared. I have looked at the blow-up diagram but it doesn't seem to match exactly what I have.

I'd like to know the order to replace the washers.

1. For the thick washer that goes between the freehub and hub shell, mine has a step.....does the step go towards the freehub or towards the hub shell? (No. 21 in diagram)

2. For the two washers nearest the end cap (drive side), is it metal washer first then rubber gasket against the freehub or vice versa? (no. 17 in diagram, I have one metal washer and one rubber gasket, diagram indicates two rubber gaskets)

Link to exploded view:
Hubs | Product Documents | Hope Tech | Made in Barnoldswick, England

Thanks for any help!
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