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Calling all Chenango County riders. (Norwich, Oxford, etc.)

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We are currently trying to get more organized in Central NY here in our little neck of the woods. Where do you ride, when do you ride, please join our new yahoo group and let's see if we can't get something started here.
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The newly formed Chenango Mountain Bikers (yahoo group) had their first group ride on 7/19/09, a better than expected turnout of 6 of us got together and got in 10 miles of riding in the Stone Quarry which included 2 trips up the face. This place has been a Norwich party spot for decades and is mostly 4-wheeler trails and some old logging roads. Anyone familiar with this place knows that it has attracted all walks of life for years.

First one to the top gets the longest rest.

Anybody decipher cult language?




End of the ride coming down the steps above Kurt Beyer Pool
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