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Not sure if this has been discussed at all, but who on the left coast here is planning on the trek out to PA for the SS worlds? I looked at Travelocity for flights and at least for me here in San Jose, there's a $360 fare. It's long, slow and stops once in DC, but its the cheapest I've seen and flies out of SJ.

Also, I signed up to the website for email updates and downloaded the PDF of the course, but can someone tell me what the total climbing is? If it's less than 6500 feet I think I'll be okay, although I was a zombie finishing the SSWC 02 in Downieville. That race just killed me. At least high elevation won't be a factor in PA!

And if anyone local has any extra room in a house, apartment, basement, shed, I would show my appreciation with (at least) some high gravity homebrew.

Putting the feelers out,
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