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Hi everyone,

This Saturday, July 10th, the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance is hosting its third volunteer trail day of the year. This trail day will be located IN CALGARY!!

We are working with the City of Calgary to build 380 meters of new trail in Bowmont Park. The route will give riders a cool ride-around to avoid a steep gully and flight of stairs in Waterfall Valley. We hope to build half of it this Saturday and the other half in August.

We need LOTS of people to come! There is a ton of work! And we need to show the City that there are plenty of riders out there that care about trails in the city! Women's XC riding club Pink Pedals is already committing a larger group of volunteers. Come show your support and help!

Start time is 10AM, meet at the corner of Silver Springs Blvd and 54th Ave NW. Details here:

See you all on Saturday.

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