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Many in San Diego and other parts of California and even the country have heard about the trail use issues at Calavera in Carlsbad. The disputed land is actually called Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve which is owned/managed by CDFW who's rule is Bicycles are not allowed.

To resolve this issue we have created a new group called Calavera Trails Coalition. Our ultimate goal is to change Title 14 Section 630 to Allow Bicycle access on designated trails for this property. Our team includes an environmentalist and someone with a degree in Outdoor recreation management.

We are in process of working with the local CDFW team and Preserve group to identify sensitive zones and where trails can acceptably run. We are also in process of creating a management plan to deal with Habitat restoration/management along with trail maps and management plans.

We are working towards putting a petition to the Fish and Game Commission which is the process to affect the change to Title 14.

To see a presentation we recently provided to local users review or slide deck.

To get involved join us on Facebook under Calavera Trails Coalition or Instagram under North County MTB.

Matthew Kogan
Calavera Trails Coalition
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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