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just wondering what people have set for their shock and fork settings for the cake dlx (it's what i got!)

post what you have for preload, spv and damping (clics from slowest) on the rear shock, and psi and damping position on the fork.

also, describe the type of ride you get with your setup.

i'm trying to tune my settings and i think i have it where i want it but sometimes i think it should be softer.

i'm 195 lbs
shock: 160 on rebound, 100 in spv, 6 clicks back on damping
fork: 160 psi, damping lever at about 1/4 from slowest

this setup is kinda hard. sometimes my rear end comes up off traction when i go over a small log. i guess a softer setup would fix this? less spv?

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I'm 155-160 (I think) and have a Cake 1_DLX.

Rear shock: 100 PSI main chamber - 90 PSI SPV - 6 clicks back on rebound.
Fork (Minute 2 130mm) - 80 PSI main chamber - 40 PSI SPV - SPV volume full open - Rebound midway.

I think the rear suspension has a too rising rate. It doesn't feel plush all the way through the 5". Even so, it's still very plush, I ride very rocky hardcore trails... It goes fast! :)
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