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Too many Sedonuts...
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After I woke up, dusted myself off, lit a candle and pushed open the crypt door, I noticed the calendar on the wall...

It's that time of year again. Just in time for the holidays.

As always, a keg of locally-brewed beer will be available.

So looking for input on 2 things this year:

1) Which weekend in December?
2) Which beer?

I'm guessing the ramada's at SoMo will be available and reserve-able like last year? If anyone knows otherwise let me know and I'll start looking for a new location.

Maad/Tim...maybe if we start practicing now we can provide a little live music this year? :thumbsup:


Fragile - must be Italian
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Any weekend would be fine with me. I have no life this year at all (like I ever have...), so my calendar is very flexible.

And as far as the beer goes...I'd much rather see you bring a barrel of Knob Creek instead, but that's my selfish Celiac side talking. If you bring beer, I'll just bring a stash of spirits with me.

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