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Cactus country tire solution

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Recently started biking in the Henderson/Bootleg Canyon area. I'm currently running tubed Hutchinson Mosquito 2.3 front and rear. I've come home with flats after each and am looking to build something that's more puncture proof.

I'm thinking of switching to a 2.5 BG in front with a 2.3 Nevegal in the rear. Any suggestions on puncture proofing my tires? I've thought of using Stans, Slime, of possibly switching to a DH tire. Weights not much of an issue for me.
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Sealant of some kind

I live in cactus country too. You have to use some kind of sealant. IMHO Slime and what is in Specialized Airloc tubes works the best as far as sealant in tubes. I have tried Tru Goo and Tube Spooge and didn't get good result with those. Specialized is now selling their proprietary sealant separately. It is pretty similar to Slime. If you are running presta tubes, some of them have removeable valve cores, no problem putting in sealant. Some of them don't have removeable valve cores but you can still but in sealant but it is more tedious. File the braded top off the valve core and unscrew the knurled nut. Grab the bottom of the valve core through the tube and pull it out of the stem. You have to be very careful not to drop it inside the tube. Squeeze sealant into the tube while holding the valve core. Push the core back into the stem and replace the nut on it. From then on any time you loosen that nut you need to use caution that you don't screw it off. Once you've done this a time or two it gets easier.
Stan's works quite well if you go tubeless.
If you start using sealant you don't need heavy duty tires or tubes just for cactus thorns.
Another tip; if you see a thorn in your tire rotate the thorn to the bottom before you pull it out let the sealant run to the bottom. That way it immediately forces sealant into the hole, they'll seal right up that way.
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slime plus tire liner

I currently am trying slime plus tire liners. I have used tire tuffy liners which work well, but are a little heavy, and spin skin tire liners, which are light, but more money, and they degrade over time. Slime works okay, but when it gets old, or when there is too little in the tube it stops working. That's why I am trying the tire liners too, it keeps most of the punctures in the center from occurring.

I agree the specialized sealant works well, and stay away from tru goo sealant, or you'll just be painting your frame with sealant everytime you get a puncture.

I fiddled with tubeless for a while, but it is kinda a pain as you are always losing air inbetween rides, and it sucks bad when you do get a flat messing with sealant. Some people swear by it, but its not for me. -t
Tire size next

Appreciate the responses. I think that I'll experiment with Stan's first and then move to Slime if needed.

Now I just have to figure out which size of tires to get. Most of the folks around here ride 2.5. I'm wondering if a 2.5 NV & BG's will fit my Jamis Dakar XLT 2.0. Anybody tried?
As far as puncture resistance goes, heavy casing DH tire will add a huge measure to the silme/stans solutions in tires, lighter XC casings will make no difference in the desert, might as well be just running a tube without the tire. The DH casing will also prevent the pinch flats so prevalent in the hard desert soils.

FWIW i use slime tubes and DH tires for everything here, including my Single speed. I often can go 3-4 months without a problem, and then the tubes will need to be replaced, but I have gotten about 9 months out of a tube every so often. The more you change tire the more problems with slime will rear its head.

The problems with the stans is that in the desert heat they need to be refreshed more often, about every month, which can get pricey if you don't have a money tree in the backyard.

Good luck and stay flat free.
Stans should work for you since I had no problem sealing my 2.5 BG and Nevegal with a homebrew sealant. Go with the 2.5 Neve if it fits in your XLT. It's much biggr than the 2.35 size.
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