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Cables: Avid/SRAM Flack Jackets vs Nokon

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Out of probably 2 of the best types of Cables/Cable Housings you can get for shifter cables what do you think is best?

The Flack Jackets are a kevlar weave and have ends and mini tubes that connwect that can run along any exposed set of line keeping it sealed (i assume it comes with enough to even seal the top/bottom tube routings, maby im wrong though)
Also the housing is pretty much compression proof.

Vs the Nokon housings, which are Made of aluminum links making it compleatly compressionless and the most kink resistant cable seemingly on the market. but unlike the Flack jackets the cable would be exposed during breaks in the cable (is that even a bad thing with these? do they do a good job keeping the gunk out at the ends?) And i assume these are just housings, what cable would go best with them?

Here is 2 pics of them:
Avid Flack Jacket

Nokon Housings
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I'm using Nokons and the only place my cables are exposed are about an inch above my FD cable anchor bolt and where the housing stop is located on my RD. The liner is supposed to run the full length of the cable, save for a little around the top tube; they provide cheesy plastic tubing to *link* the two liner sections together. They call it lubrication ports or something like that. If you get the replacement liner you can run a full length liner since it isn't pre-cut like the the ones that come with the links.
Ok thats just cool, so you could have the inside liner then cover all the gaps ending up beying better then the flack system, but you just need to at the same time ordering the nokons, also get the replacement liner kit.
the price on the nokons make the flack jackets a better choice in my eyes.. I have the flack jackets on my bike, and they work great..

nokons cost $45 for the brake cable set, and $45 for the derailleur set.. plus $12 for the extra housing liner... $102 total

I can get the derailleur, and brake set of flack jackets for under $45
I prefer flack jacket becuase it's cheaper and really works. I have to say though I've never tried Nokon. The Avid flack jacket also comes as a complete set, all parts are high quality and the housing is completely sealed.
I'd go with flack jacket
Flak Jackets, full hosing runs as far as you can run 'em. Works great, and you shouldn't have to mess with any of it for quite some time, barring kinking or messing it up in a crash or something. And they are paint friendlier, as well.
mini tubes don't seal too well, but I run FJ full length and it's still smooth after 1.5 years with no maintenance.
I like Le Tour cables and housing

The housing comes in pretty colors and is of classic construction. The cables are stainless.
I have no experience with Nokons but used Flak Jackets for years and will never bother with them again. They are a downright waste of money IMO. They actually perform worse than good conventional cable. They are stiff to the point its a bad thing. I prefer conventional high quality cables such as Shimano or Jagwire. The problem with flack jackets is they are so stiff the cable grinds away the internal lining and they loose their smoothness within weeks. They don't bend too easily which is inconvinient and tend to kink at joints. A bad thing. A cable should be able to resist compression while remaining flexible so it can move easily. The flak Jackets fail miserably at the later. Lastly they are only available in 5mm. They work great for brakes but I prefer 4mm for shifter housing. Less slop inside the housing for the thinner shifter cable.
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I've been using Flack Facket for over a year with no issues.
I've also used those cheap shimano cables and jagwire housings, jagwire is okay but shimano cables just don't have enough strength. I can see them compress when I pull the brake lever.
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