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Was going to respond to this year old quote from another thread about struggling with internal routing, but figured it pertained to many more frames and issues at this point so I'm starting a new thread.
Why not just remove the cable port plug at the BB?
Context: 2013 Altitude 750. Awkward fall at slow speed trying to get over a log in the rain. After all was said and done it appeared the front derailleur was broken. On further inspection, the shifter and derailleur seemed to look just fine. Realized it was a cable issue and thought maybe the cable had stripped through the pinch bolt on the derailleur. That wasn't it either.
Final Diagnosis:
Machine Bicycle chain Bicycle accessory

Notice only the RD cable on the left has an end cap. The cable end cap for the FD had pulled straight through the Cable Port Plug. By now I've learned that it wasn't just the end cap either that had stripped and pulled though, it was the Cable Port Plug itself that must have stripped out on the inside. I found that out because now I've got two end caps stuck inside my frame.

Hard as I try tugging on it with pliers, I can't get the Cable Port Plug out of the frame. Unless I can figure that out, and I can get a replacement from Canada, I guess this bike is destined to be a single speed forever.

Any ideas from the collective?
Thanks in advance
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