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Cabin fever / snow drift drops

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Here in WI, we're getting dumped on with another huge snowstorm... something like 23" of snow so far this season (probably in the 30s by now) has really got me thinking about getting in some practice in the snow. Seems like it'd be a good opportunity to practice my technique on drops and jumps on all the snow piles, with nice soft (at least softER) landings in snow if I screw up. anyone try this or am I just going batty from not being able to ride as much?
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Do it. It's a lot of fun. Just make sure there is nothing pointy hidden under the snow first. Landing on a snow shovel buried in the snow is not so fun.
There are many people here in Colorado who seem to enjoy riding in the snow, perhaps even a bit more than riding in perfect conditions. Why not give it a try?
ya can still urban freeride- find some nice gaps into big snowpiles :D
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