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I got really tired of hearing the wind whistling against my house this morning. Surely there's somewhere where it's not blowing. I went south from Westminster to Bear Creek Lake Park (I can never get that name right. Is that what it's called?) As I drove down C470 the thermometer at Bandimere said 51 and the flag was hanging straight down. Both good signs!

This time of the year I don't look for dry dirt, I just want to ride without any traffic. BCLP fills that need. When I started the wind was blowing somewhat and it wasn't that warm. When I got done the wind had stopped and it almost felt toasty.

I took a path down past the lake, which I never do. The light was right, the ice looked pretty cool which is why I took so many pics down there.

Green Mountain looked pretty ethereal on the way back. Zorro had melted off but was muddy. Looks like the service road is rideable. The last shot, of the gravel on Zorro, was all snow last time I was there. The next few days should be good riding.
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