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BXC as a trail bike?

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I currently have a Superlight, which unfortunately was a tad too small. Plus, I could use a stiffer fork, and disc brakes (now that they're reasonaly reliable and light). I could happily get another Superlight. But there're deals abound so I figure I should cast my glaze a bit beyond, at least within the SC family. :)

1) I mostly ride x-c but I don't actually race. Does the Blur (XC) offers any advantage (over the SL) for the casual weekend worrior?

2) I do occasionally take my SL on lift-served downhill, though I usually just meander my way down the most roundabout singletracks, enjoying what I termed "gravity assisted x-c" riding without the climb. :) Naturally, the speed would be a bit higher and there'll be some (VERY rare) un-planned air time, which I hope ends rubber side down...

a) Would the XC frame survive that sort of riding?
b) Would the geometry of the XC frame too quick for speedy descend?

As a reference point, I've taken my too small SL up the lift of Whistler and managed to enjoy the ride down (SLOWLY at some stretch). How would a BXC do in that environment (compared to SL)?
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looking at the geometries between both frames, they are essentially the same. looking at size medium, head angle is 71 on both, top tube is 23" on both.

some differences:

chainstay - 16.7" for SL and 16.9" for BXC, which is probably negligible, but shorter stays do translate into something a bit more maneuverable in the air and in the corners, for what it's worth.

BB height - 12.3" on the SL and 12.8" on the BXC, again making the SL a more free ride friendly rig.

fork travel spec - 125mm max for SL, 100mm max for BXC. again AL wins in the all mountain trail ride category.

this is purely comparing the two frames by the numbers. your preference may be completely different. although looking at the numbers, it would seem that both bikes would do well as trail bikes for smaller/lighter riders who dont want the added weight of longer travel free ride bikes.

Are you looking at the old or the new Blur XC? I think the new one, with a 69.5 head angle and able to take 120mm fork, is an awesome trailbike.

I use mine with a 100mm fork and have two different wheelsets that opens up a lot of riding options for a single bike.
I didn't realize the BXC had changed!

I'd better take a closer look... thanks for the heads up!
I use my blur XC for aggressive trail riding and XC racing.

I am running a 100mm Fox fork w/ a 650b front wheel. It has made a big difference, especially for technical trail riding. It slackens things just a bit, raises the BB a bit (less pedal strikes on rocks & roots) and rolls better. It requires a bit of position tweaking to get things just right, but it is well worth it.
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