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A few weeks ago we were talking about BWW XCR Pure wheelsets - forum sponsor Bicycle Wheel Warehouse's house-brand wheels. Mine arrived today and they are quite impressive. They are in a color combination that I don't see on their site -

  • Black BWW Pure rims, 32h. Disc only.
  • Red BWW Pure hubs, disc.
  • Black DT Comp spokes - 1.8/1.5/1.8.
  • Red aluminum nipples.

Out of the box they are just about dead true and my dial indicator truing gizmo indicates that the rim decals are the biggest deflection at 0.005" thick :D The radial runout is way better than anything that I'd worry about on my home built wheels. What was more impressive than their trueness was the even spoke tensions. My pluck 'ping' test showed that lots of care had gone into this wheelbuild.

The BWW hubs are an unknown quantity as they are a new(ish) name to us on the market but if quality of outside finish is any indicator of the internals then these should be great hubs. Their finish is excellent and attention to detail is high. There are four sealed bearings in the rear hub and, of course, two in the front. Edit - the rear hub is 30 point engagement with 6 stainless pawls and v-springs. The rims are of a semi-aero section (see below) with single stainless eyelets.

BWW supplies rim tapes with their wheelsets and they are a BWW housebrand tape and a nice full 17mm wide which gives peace of mind.

The spoke length is optimum with the spoke ends where they should be in the nipple head and I was happy to see that lots of lube had been used in their assembly. The builder had aligned and bedded all the spoke heads by tapping them into their seat with a punch. The bends had all been flattened. The build is a nice job done by someone with knowledge and care.

I weighed my wheels and found them to be -

  • Front - 717g
  • Rear - 839g
  • Without the supplied skewers.

Nice job BWW.

When I get some good weather I'll snap a few pics and update this post.


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Jerk_Chicken said:
Nice looking hubs. I want to see what's inside them and the availability of replacement parts.
I can help ya with one of your wishes. Here's what two minutes wrench-twirling and rubber hammer tapping found. The tools needed to get this far are -

  • Two 5mm allens (for end caps).
  • One 10mm allen (for holding the axle to get the NDS cap loose)
  • One rubber mallet (Do NOT try to tap the NDS bearing out without one!)

Steps -
Insert a 5mm allen in the end of each axle cap.
Remove DS axle cap.
Slide off the cassette carrier & bearing assembly.
(Those two steps are the only steps needed to clean & lube the ratchets and pawls)
Note the washer between inner carrier bearing and hub shell when you pull out the carrier.
Insert 10mm allen in end of DS axle. Insert 5mm allen in NDS end cap.
Remove cap.
Tap lovingly on end of DS axle with rubber mallet to knock NDS bearing and seal out of shell.
***Dire Warning*** - first screw DS cap back onto end of axle and tap on this cap. To do otherwise will be to burr over the very fine threads of the aluminum axle and then you're really screwed. ***Dire Warning Over***

I chose not to remove the two bearings and seal from the drive unit or the DS hub bearing.
I chose not to clean out all the grease.
I've no idea what the "white powder" is on the parts. I must have used a contaminated rag!! No it's not my coke stash that broke open (JOKE!!). :p

I'd say another two minutes would be needed to tap the bearing off the axle, out of the hub shell and to get the seal and bearings out of the drive unit.

The markings on the bearings are -

  • Hub - 690RU. Japan. EZO.
  • Drive unit - 15268V-2RS. S&S.

I'll assume the sealed bearings can be obtained at any bearing supply house.

The detail and quality inside the hub and of the parts is high.
The parts inside the hub are - two shell bearings, two drive shell bearings, two seals, 6 pawls & springs, axle, washer.

I guess in the interest of science, my warranty is now void! :D

Here are all the bits -


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kenja said:
Care to share, even if it's just a guess? :idea: Or give me a clue (I just recently started studying wheels).
And thanks a bunch to Mike T!
Chosen out of Taiwan. They make hubs for many, many companies. The Specialized Stout and Marzocchi 20mm would be the most recognizable (to me anyway). They also make the DMR Revolver hubs, Halo hubs, Bombshell hubs, and a number of others that I can't seem to remember right now.
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