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BV to Breck (Brewery to Brewery)

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I'm fairly new to the area, and am trying to figure out how to get from point A (Eddyline Brewery in Buena Vista) to point B (Breckenridge Brewery). I can get from BV to Trout Creek pass no problem, but need to figure out a good route for the rest. Has anyone done this ride before? Any ideas on good Singletrack / country roads (32:18 rigid friendly) from the South Park / Fairplay area to Breck? I know that I can get a map at the LBS, but was just curious if anyone had ridden this before. Thanks for the help in advance.
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From THE Chubb park area FR 435:

Salt creek trail to Tumble Creek trail to Sheep Creek trail. From there you can take a variety of FS roads to Fairply area. From Fairplay you can get on CR 669 to FR 194. This intersects the Gold Dust trail and you can climb the Gold Dust to Boreas Pass Rd and Boreas Pass. From there it's downhill all the way to Breckenridge. Did this as an overnighter many years ago and don't remember the mileage, but it's substantial. Somebody looking to do an ultra endurance ride could do it in a day though.

For a more fun way down than just the road, hang a left on Indiana Creek Rd about a mile below the Summit, take that down through the Spruce Creek Ranch subdivision till you hit the Blue River trail and take that down into town. Lower down Boreas Pass Rd from the Indiana Creek Rd, you can also hop onto the Bakers Tank trail which will dump you out at the winter trailhead and from there you can get on the Aspen Tunnel trail rather than take the last couple miles of pavement.
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Thanks for the info. Should be a fun weekend trip.
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