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Multiple questions, I hope you can keep up / help. I am a beginner (started last year), who would like to get into it more w/o immediately breaking the bank.

Thinking of buying a used 2008 Giant XTC2. The only thing I noticed is that when the front suspension (rock shox) is compressed it makes a whooshing sound.
1) Is the whooshing sound ok?

I think I can get it for $250 w/ stock components w/ the exception of wtb saddle and clipless pedals installed.
2) Not bad, right?

Also, I have eggbeater pedals on my 2000 specialized rockhopper A1 (rear derailleur broken).
3) Are these recommended, or common, for mountain biking?

4) Lastly, My 2000 specialized rockhopper A1 needs new rear derailleur and front suspension as a minimum. Really could probably use all new components. Is the frame worth building on, or should I go w/ the Giant XTC2 and upgrade as necessary? (or is there much difference?)

Your help is very apprecciated!

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prob not worth it

a ten year old aluminum frame without disc tabs that is no longer under warranty is probably not worth upgrading...unless you have a lot of sentimental value to it, or have a deep parts bin to get free stuff out of.
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