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I've found a used heckler frame (1999) for about $250.

Is this a good deal? I've been trying to save up for a new (to me at least) FS bike as I want to make the switch from my Raleigh M50.

This definitely fits into my price range for a frame (including Fox RL shock).

But, should I consider saving a bit more and finding a newer (like 2001+) frame?

What are the differences between the 1999 frame and the newer ones? I thought that the tubing sizes might be different.

I'm a big guy 6"3, 250 lbs. So, fame strength is a concern for me.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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$250 is cheap as can be, but you can't replace anything (like the swingarm) when it breaks. I'm 6'3" & was 220 lbs and I had a '98 Heckler. I loved it & rode it until mid 2002 when I broke the swingarm for the 2nd time in the same place.

Santa Cruz is a great company & they replaced my original swingarm no prob. The second time, they offered either a replacement swingarm or a new frame (new design) for a few more dollars. I snatched up the new design & it was soooooo worth it!

The new design is a much tougher bike (better for big guys who play hard) with longer travel by an inch & bigger tubes & gussets all the way around. Like I said, I had the old one & loved it to death (literally), but the new one won me over the 1st time I swung a leg over it.

For $250, you can't go too wrong though, as long as you have that money written off & don't expect to do anything too harsh on it. Who knows, you may be able to find used parts off the net too. The new one does allow you to be all you can be & then some. :cool:

Hell, I don't even have a stable platform shock on mine; still using my old '98 Vanilla R off the original frame.
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