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Well, the good side is that I mounted up my RK 2.2 supersonics today on my ZTR race rims, and had ZERO issues....
no goop escaping from the carcass at all
both aired up immediately
apart from the 'crack' as the beads seated there were no heart-in-mouth moments, although getting the rather floppy beads over the rim initially was a small exercise in patience.

So a BIG thankyou to all who posted their experiences in Rockyuphill's original thread.:D
I can't claim I've read every post, but I'd be close to it:eek:

I sprayed the inside down with a local product called 'grease monkey' (citrus degreases which I usually use on the chain to good effect. Got rid of the mold release agent.
I left the tyres for a good few weeks lying on the floor unfolded. When it came time to putting them on the beads were straight!!
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