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Busted my reverb (among other things)

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The bike hit a tree and the nipple broke off (the one coming out of the remote. Anyone know where I can order this part? Do I have to order at the LBS?
The bike still did better than I, fracture in my spine and broke by wrist.
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You will have to go through your LBS and have them order a new hose kit, PN: 11.6815.012.010 SRAM will not deal with you directly. Good thing you didn't break anything else on the system since other small replacement parts are not available yet. My LBS got them to warranty mine so I don't know how much the kit costs. Hope you recover quickly from your injuries.
That remote is oriented to be installed on the right side controls but there are a number here that mount it upside-down on the left for just this scenario. It's rather vunerable in it's manufacturer intended location.

Hope you take it easy and heal up well...ouch!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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