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Hello all,

Its been a few months since I've been out riding (moving and settling in somewhere new) and today I was going over my bike and getting it ready to hit the trails again. New chain, new grips, new chainstay guard, etc.

New rear rim? Say it ain't so... Looking over the Bontrager Race rear rim, I found that one of the spoke nipples has started to pull through the rim, cracking it in several places. Ouch!

I ride a '99 Fisher Paragon, and these are the stock wheels that came on it. It saw 5 years of cross country racing every other weekend and riding 5 days a week, every week. The last 3 years I've owned it have been significantly less stressful. Oh, and I bought the bike new, I am the only owner.

I won't say this came to a surprise to me as I got very good use out of the wheel. I'm 160lbs, so I can't put weight on as much of a factor. Old age and hard use I guess.

So, does anyone know where I might be able to find a replacement rim for this wheel, or an entire identical wheelset? I'm fond of them, they're sharp looking wheels and match the color of the bike (yellow) and I like how they've held up. I don't want to get disc brakes and I don't want tubless or 29" wheels.

I figure that somewhere, someone has some of these sitting around that didn't sell off the floor or they bought with a new bike and put something different on. Any help in tracking down a set would be most appreciated :D

Thanks much,

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